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Who we are

The MAA is made up of pilots and non-pilots located in and out of the state of Michigan who have a desire to promote aviation. The Michigan Aviation Association is governed by the MAA bylaws. The Board of Directors of the MAA are non-compensated volunteers, elected annually by the membership; and the officers are elected by the Board of Directors..

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Who we help

The MAA has started a program across the state to help make the economic value of community airports more visible to the public. By handing out business cards you can let the communities know you used their airport.

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The Michigan Aviation Association exists to promote and advance aviation, aviation education, and safety among its members and the general public throughout the State of Michigan.

Airports are a vital part of our economy. Michigan's 236 public use airports, and numerous private airports facilitate the contribution of over $10 billion annually to the state's economy. Airports serve the the public interests by being able to provide such things as emergency response and preparedness, community access, business support, industrial support. economic activities, and support for tourism. And yet the average person sees their community airport as a drain on the local economy rather than as an asset.

For information on the Michigan Air Tour - our primary event - click here.


Michigan Aviation Association

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